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Info - "Investing in NUTS is not crazy"

But maybe what you don't know is that nuts are proving to be a super food for investment portfolios. Walnuts, for example, were the top-performing permanent crop in 2015 in the portfolio of Hancock Agricultural Investment Group, which manages farmland investments on behalf of institutional clients. Walnuts produced a total return of 60.2 percent for HAIG. Other stellar nut performers included pistachios (49.9 percent) and almonds (32.4 percent).

"Consumers have responded to the recent positive research touting the health benefits of nuts. In addition, the higher incomes of growing middle classes in emerging markets have helped to boost demand. California growers, who are the dominant producers of these crops, have really profited in the past five to 10 years, as have investors."

The Wall Street Journal: "The risk is very low because this is one of the premier assets in the world. ...and there are stable returns."

Although the fickle finger of Mother Nature can derail the best-laid plans of farmers (and investors) - the future does look bright for almonds and other nuts, and for agriculture-related investments in general.